Must-haves for your Shoedrobe

Can a woman ever have too many shoes? Whichever side of the fence you’re on, we can all agree that we at least need a few staple pieces in our shoedrobe.

From trustworthy trainers to head-turning heels, here are some of the essential must have shoes we all need in our lives.


A good pair of trainers are the ultimate shoe must-haves. They are perfect for everyday comfort and weekend-ready outfits. Recently, the timeless white trainer has been making a comeback in our wardrobes, and for good reason.

The white trainer can be matched with literally any outfit. A summer dress, you got it. T-shirt and trainers, of course. And as we move towards a more casual style for the office, a pair of white trainers can help balance out otherwise formal looks.

Basically, trainers are the bread and butter of the shoe world, no matter their colour or style. So, if you’re after for a shoe that combines comfort and fashion, look no further. Trainers really are the best everyday shoes.

Ankle Boots

Ah, an old favourite; the ankle boot. These shoe essentials aren’t just reserved for the winter months, they are great for dinners or nights out or even just to the office on a rainy spring day.

Ankle boots, either heeled or flat, can tie whole looks together. Pair with some jeans and a jumper for an autumnal classic. Or fashion a cute midi dress with some ankle boots to give your outfit a cooler edge.

The best bit about ankle boots is that they come is an almost unlimited range of styles and fabrics. For the office, try a crocodile print black boot with a shiny finish. For weekends, a faux suede boot is the ideal laidback alternative. Don’t be afraid to mix things up in your boot collection.

Strappy Sandals

When the weather permits, strappy sandals are a shoedrobe lifesaver. Whether you’re off out for drinks with friends, a work lunch or a wedding, strappy sandals are up to the job. Especially if they have some kind of heel.

Don’t worry, if heels aren’t your thing, flat strappy sandals are just as versatile. Their minimalistic design is great for casual events and gives a classy touch to any outfit, even if you’re just bumbling about in denim shorts – viva la summer!


Pumps have been a shoe favourite for generations. It’s easy to see why, they are lightweight, easy to slip on and off and are fairly neutral in style.

We’ll forgive you for picturing your old black school shoes when you think of pumps. But we’re here to tell you that there is so much more to the world of pumps than you may think. Sure, you can go for the classic round-toed ballet flat, after all, they are great office wear. But why not shake things up a bit? 

Pointed toe pumps are the effortlessly stylish sister to the ballet pump. They offer a slightly more grown-up look that is just as good for work as it is dinner’s out. Or try a patterned pump, like leopard print, to add a bit of drama to your everyday outfit. The possibilities are endless.


If you’re looking for a slightly sturdier alternative the pump, the loafer is just the thing you need. Loafers can make even the most causal of clothes feel sophisticated – great for day to night transition outfits.

For the fashion conscious, loafers are traditionally paired best with suit trousers, skirts or dresses. But, lucky of us, loafers are incredibly versatile and will work with pretty much any outfit. So, don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

If don’t already own loafers, it’s a good idea to stock up on the basics. A classic pair of black outlet loafers will probably work best with your current wardrobe. And when you inevitably fall in love with them, then you can branch out into funky colours and patterns for statement pieces. 

Knee-high boots

Everyone loves a knee-high boot. Whether you wear them over jeans or with dresses, the knee-high boot is an unrivalled shoe favourite.

If you’re wanting to keep it casual, the flat knee-high boot is here to save the day. These shoes are perfect for chilly autumnal days, combining practicality and fashion seamlessly. Just like ankle boots, knee-high boots come in a range of styles and materials. For a dressier vibe, go for a faux leather. For something a bit more earthy, opt for a faux suede.

If you’re wanting to get a little dressed up, a heeled knee-high boot is up to the challenge. A chunkier heel is best if you’re walking around a lot whereas a stiletto heel will give you that dramatic, no nonsense look.

Neutral heels

Every now and then, an occasion calls for a pair of heels. While we all love a glitzy, sparkly pair of showstoppers, they aren’t always practical.

A pair of neutral heels is an absolute must for any shoedrobe. Sometimes, we want all the attention to be on that gorgeous new dress we’ve bought, not on our shoes. That’s why neutral shoes are so great. They complement overall outfits without ever drawing too much attention.

So, brush up on your beige, get out there and find your new neutral best friends!

Black heels

Black heels are the LBD (little black dress) of the shoe world. Just like the neutral heel, the black heel is a dream to work with. They work harmoniously with your wardrobe to transform any outfit in an instant.

Black heels add, drama, sophistication and class and, in our opinion, are totally flawless. Wear these heels with confidence to a business meeting and again in the same day to a swanky bar for cocktails with your girlfriends. What’s not to love?

And there you have it, a complete guide to shoe wardrobe essentials for any and every occasion. Now, are you ready to start building out your shoedrobe?