7 shoe fashion trends for Autumn 2021

As the summer draws to a close, many of us are starting to think about digging out our cosy jumpers and coats. But when it comes to this year’s fashion trends, footwear has a lot to say. From Cottagecore clogs to ladylike loafers, here are seven shoe fashion trends for Autumn style 2021.

  1. Cowboy boots

Who doesn’t love a pair of autumn boots? They are a staple piece of any autumn wardrobe offering your feet protection against the wet weather without ever compromising on style.

In 2021, the biggest boot trend hitting the high street comes from across the pond. Expect to see Western-style cowboy boots just about everywhere this autumn.

When we say cowboy boots, we don’t mean the type you’re imagining. Cowboy boots in 2021 have had a stylish, modern makeover and sort of pay homage to the traditional boot. These are a great fresh alternative to the standard winter boot and are paired perfectly with midi dresses and skirts. 

  1. Clogs

Making what can only be described as an unbelievable comeback, the clog has found its way onto our shelves once again.

If you’ve never owned clogs before, you are probably picturing the entirely wooden, traditional Dutch clogs. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Clogs in 2021 are super stylish and are the perfect slip on and go shoes for this autumn. Wear with straight or flare cut jeans and a tailored coat for a chic, dressed downed look.

  1. Chunky rubber soles

Ah, our familiar favourites are back for another year. The chunky rubber sole started making an appearance in our wardrobes back in 2016. The ‘it’ boot back then was the chunky heel ankle boot with faux suede. Since then, the chunky sole has been spreading throughout the world of footwear.  

In 2021, the chunky sole shoe of the season comes in the form of Oxford’s. The bulky rubber sole gives this familiar favourite a modern twist which not only keeps your feet dry in the rain but looks effortlessly cool.

  1. Sleek & slouchy knee-high boots

Boot lovers, rejoice, the knee-high boot returns for another year and this time, there’s a variety of styles.

Let’s be honest, the knee-high boot is an autumn classic. They are incredibly practical and sturdy, all while maintaining a trendy and fashion-forward appearance. In 2021, the knee-high boot is going to be popular in two styles, slouchy and sleek.

The slouchy knee-high boot reflects the move towards a more relaxed sense of style in 2021. These boots are perfect with leggings or with knitted dresses for chillier days. The sleek knee-high is also set to be a big trend this year which gives you a boot option for dinner and drinks out on the town.

  1. Loafers

If you’re looking for an everyday classic, you’ll be pleased to know that loafers are bang on-trend. As with any timeless shoe, the loafer has a 2021 update with a slightly chunkier sole than usual. For a simple look, go for the reliable slip-on loafer. If you’re looking to dress up a little bit, find yourself some lace-ups.

Loafers are one of the most iconic shoes for autumn. They are great for wearing out and about on weekends and work perfectly in the office too. So, you could say they are the most versatile autumn shoe. Wear these shoes with skirts, dresses or jeans to give any outfit the perfect finishing touch.

  1. Faux fur slippers

Faux fur slippers are in for autumn 2021 and no, we don’t mean the type you wear around your home in your PJ’s. The fuzzy, teddy bear material we saw on coats last year had made its way to shoes for an adorable yet trend-setting look.

Of course, you can’t wear these on a wet, rainy day. But, with a crisp sunny autumnal day, these shoes are the perfect statement item to bring a whole outfit together. Make sure you get these slip-ons with a proper sole so they can withstand being worn outdoors.

If the slipper look really isn’t doing it for you (we get it, it’s a bold look), look for shoes with exposed fur either from the lining of the shoe or as a decorative feature. This gives you that same fur look without going all out.

  1. Metallic heels

Of course, the arrival of autumn means we have our sparkly dresses out in anticipation for all the busy winter social events. And this year, it’s all about the metallics.

Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a classic. Metallics in winter might sound a little cliché, but after the year we’ve all had, something familiar is just what we need.

If you’re going ‘out, out’ or heading or to a Christmas or New Year party, make sure you’ve got a metallic shoe on foot. It doesn’t matter if you stick with a reliable gold or silver or you go bold with a pink or green, either way, metallics are here to stay for the whole season.

And there you have it, seven shoes for autumn 2021. Which will you be adding to your shopping basket?

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