How to wear wellies

As the colder weather draws in, it’s time to swap out our summery sandals in favour of some wintery wellies. You’d be forgiven for thinking that wellies are reserved exclusively for dog walks and that Christmas Day family jaunt. However, wellies are actually a great fashion piece for your wardrobe – we’ll prove it.

Here is a quick guide on what wellies are and how to wear them.


What are wellies?

Wellies are waterproof boots that typically come up to just below the knee. You can also find shorter wellies that are about ankle height. Most wellies are made from plastic, such as PVC or Gore-Tex, although, some are made from natural rubber found in the latex sap of certain trees and plants. Wellies can also be called wellington boots, rain boots, welly boots or waders.


Who invented Wellington boots?

We won’t go into a full-blown history lesson for this, but wellies were invented by Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, hence the name ‘Wellington boot’. He basically wanted a pair of boots to be treated with wax which essentially made the first waterproof boot. Once rubber was invented in the 50s, the welly really took off. Now, you can get wellies in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours which makes looking fashionable in these otherwise practical shoes, easy. Especially when you can get multiple discount wellies online – why only have one pair?


 How should wellies fit?

The thing about wellies is that they need to fit both your foot and your leg – unless you’re going for an ankle welly. So, with a standard welly, here are some tips on getting the right fit:


  1. When buying new wellies, always try them on with the socks you plan to wear inside the shoe. For instance, if you plan to wear thick walking socks, this may affect the shoe size you need and you may even need to go up a size from your regular.
  2. If there is one, adjust the strap on the top of the boot to get a comfortable snug fit on the calf. If the wellies you’re trying on don’t have a strap, walk around and make sure that the fit around the calf isn’t too loose or tight.
  3. Wear your new wellies around your house before taking them into the great outdoors. This gives you a chance to wear them for longer periods of time and make sure they aren’t going to give you blisters.



How to clean wellies

Naturally, wellies tend to get quite dirty. After all, they are our favourite go-to’s when the wet weather picks up. But just like any other shoe, it’s really important to make sure you are cleaning and caring for your wellies. This not only keeps them looking prim and proper, but it also means they will last longer. Here’s how to clean wellies, the right way:


  1. Make sure your boots are fully dry before cleaning.
  2. Take your boots outside before starting to clean. Or lay down some newspaper to protect your floors indoors.
  3. Start by brushing away any loose dirt that has dried from the surface of the welly. You can usually do this with a shoe brush with soft bristles or a dry cloth.
  4. Next, take a damp cloth soaked in warm water and give both wellies a good wipe down.
  5. For the soles, use that same soft bristle brush and dislodge any dirt stuck in the grooves. Once all the dry dirt has flaked off, wet the brush and use a backwards and forwards motion to get rid of any remaining mud. Wipe down the sole with the same damp cloth as before making sure it is thoroughly rinsed after each wipe.
  6. To clean the inside of the welly, soak a fresh cloth in some warm water mixed with a non-biological detergent.
  7. Ring out the cloth so that it is damp and wipe around the inside of the welly.
  8. Use a separate damp cloth soaked in clean warm water to wipe up any residue or excess product.
  9. Leave to dry naturally. Don’t try to speed up the drying process by applying heat as this could cause the boot to warp in shape.


How to wear wellies

Wellies are probably the most practical everyday shoe out there. They are ideal for just about any weather, but they really come into their own in the winter. But what about on the rainy days where you have to go into the office? Fear not, wellies can be super stylish when paired with the right accessories.


Everyday fashion

For everyday wear, try a black ankle boot welly. These are effortlessly chic and look exactly the same as any regular black ankle boot. However, ankle welly boots come with the added benefit of being totally waterproof. Say goodbye to puddle soaked pumps that leave your feet cold and wet all day!

In fact, the ankle welly boot is the perfect winter swap for a Chelsea boot. Nowadays, they come in so many different colours in styles that you would struggle to even tell the difference between a regular boot and a welly boot.


Winter walk essentials

Heading out into the countryside? Don’t worry, you can still nail the country bumpkin aesthetic. A timeless forest green knee boot will do just the trick. Pair with a chunky kit jumper, jeans and a gilet and you’ve got yourself the perfect fashion-forward outfit for a roam around some muddy fields.


Music festival fun

If you’re a festival lover, you’ll know the importance of a good welly boot. But avoiding getting bogged down doesn’t need to look boring. Go for a brightly coloured or patterned welly for a statement look. You want your waterproof wellies to match your energy, so, why don’t go a bit out of your comfort zone!

Now you know what wellies are, how to care for them and how to style them, which one’s will you be buying first?