7 Retro fashion pieces that have stood the test of time

Look around you; you’ll probably notice that everyone seems to have stepped back in time with their clothes. The flared jean is back in style, so too is corduroy. While fashion trends come and go, you may be surprised to find that some of the pieces you already own really do stand the test of time.


Here are seven retro fashion pieces in your wardrobe that can truly call themselves timeless. 


  1. Flared and Mom jeans


We all thought that flared jeans were a long-forgotten memory, until now. In the past couple of years, we’ve started moving away from the favoured skinny jean and begun branching out into some familiar favourites.


The flared jean, and the mom jean, offer a looser, more comfortable fit. They also look a lot more relaxed too. Their last wave of popularity was in the 90s and early 00s. However, they are experiencing a real resurgence lately, which is good news to those of us who hung on to a few pairs – they could probably count as vintage now. Flared and mom jeans look especially great with a chunky boot and a slouchy t-shirt for an effortlessly cool outfit option/look.


  1. Loafers


It doesn’t get any more traditional than a loafer. After their initial popularity in the 30s and 40s, loafers got a reputation for being a bit bland. Luckily, somewhere in the early 21st century, loafers had a dramatic makeover. They came back onto the scene with updated modern redesigns, colours and styles and became an instant must-have. With so many options, outlet loafers have never been easier to buy.


It’s safe to say that the loafer has continued to be a staple piece of any woman’s wardrobe. Loafers work perfectly with skinny jeans, midi skirts and tailored trousers and can make even the most casual of outfits seem more stylised.


  1. Corduroy


It doesn’t matter if they are skirts, trousers or jackets, corduroy is everywhere right now. If you grew up in the 70s, you’ll be more than familiar with this material. Well, it’s back and bigger than ever. For a more modern approach, opt for corduroy in neutral colours such as white, beige and brown. This will give you that contemporary spin on an old classic. If you have any old corduroy items kicking about, you can always upcycle them. For example, a pair of corduroy trousers could be made into a handy tote-style bag. But if they still fit you, get them out and rock them with a pair of heeled ankle boots.



  1. Platform shoes


Another 70s throwback, the platform shoe, is back in fashion. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you need to dig out your club classics and strut around the supermarket in 6-inch platform heels. The platform shoe of today is far more subtle. For example, platforms shoes can come in the form of sandals or chunky sole boots. This gives you way more variety and means you can still get that same statement look without feeling as though you’ve just stepped out of your local disco. Plus, the best bit about platform shoes is that they give you that same height that heels do without the foot pain – win, win!



  1. Scrunchies


So, no one told you life was gonna be this way? That’s right, your favourite 90s scrunchies are taking over once again. Everyone is back to obsessing over the Rachel Green look from Friends. Luckily for us, although the scrunchie is back, we don’t have to go for the same hairstyles. Scrunchies today can actually look surprisingly sophisticated, especially when worn with a low ponytail or bun. This is a welcomed comeback and is a great option for everyday office wear.


  1. Chunky trainers


Everyone loves a trainer; these shoes really can’t ever go out of fashion. Recently, the chunky trainer has been the comfy footwear of choice, especially with younger generations. Just like platform sandals, the chunky trainer is riding the bulky footwear wave and doesn’t show any signs of stopping.


The chunky trainer means you can get the best combination of style and comfort. Chunky trainers look best when worn with a pair of flared or mom jeans for that toned down, casual vibe. Definitely one for weekend coffees and lunches.


  1. Trench & longline coats


If you own a trench coat, you’re probably a pretty fashionable person already. As soon as Autumn starts to arrive, trench coats come out in their masses. That’s because the trench coat, especially a beige one, is a wardrobe staple piece. For years now, this coat has reigned supreme, we just can’t get enough of them.


To make the most of your trench coat, style it with some knee-high boots. Adding length to your boots elongates your whole body with the help of the longline design of the coat. So, if you’re hoping to turn heads, this is a match made in heaven. If you want to add some colour and fun to your wardrobe, you can absolutely go for a brightly coloured trench coat. The iconic cut and shape of the trench coat is instantly recognisable, even if it’s in florescent pink.



Do you have any of these retro fashion pieces already? If not and you’re looking to build a capsule wardrobe, these seven items are a great place to start. So, what are you waiting for?